"If You're Using Coal Tar, You're a Dinosaur."

This latest article in the Democrat and Chronicle really rattled our cages. As the owner of SouthernTier Sealcoating I thrive on the idea that Coal Tar based sealants are harmful for the environment and contain cancer causing carcinogens. When working  for a previous sealer in the area, I worked with coal tar. At the end of the day my skin would bubble. That cannot possibly be healthy for children or animals to walk on. In addition coal tar can leave a lingering odor in the air for a couple weeks that can become overpowering.


 The reason why these bigger companies defend the coal tar is for pricing. The more water they use to cut down the coal tar ,the cheaper they can offer the service to you. The end result is a blue, smelly driveway that hurts you in the long run. Look here at some of my photos,-you won't see a blue tint in my work! With the right water ration and additives we provide, the sealer will last just as long, has a better look and is safe for everyone! SouthernTier Sealcoating will only be using asphalt based sealer.

Like our friends at JetBlak said, "If you are using coal tar, you're a dinosaur!"

The Difference Between CTS and Asphalt

Coal Tar Sealant is a commonly used sealant amongst industry users that is said to secure the life and beautify a driveway. This type of sealant contains well known carcinogens that can create potential health risks to those who are exposed at a young age. It also is an active factor in air pollution and contamination considering it is widely used by most sealing companies. Recently, several states, including our nation’s capitol Washington D.C., have begun to ban the use of CTS and distributors such as Home Depot and Lowes have discontinued the sale of CTS products.